With around 400 megawatts sold the SMA solar technology AG (SMA) is the list of international manufacturers of battery inverters 2017 at number one. The study now published comes to this conclusion “energy storage inverter (PCS) report 2018” by IHS Markit, a global leading Institute for analysis and information. In addition to products for storage systems in homes and businesses, SMA delivered 2017 also sunny central storage battery inverter in various global large-scale storage projects.

SMA leads the list of international battery inverter manufacturers with a significant distance of over 200 megawatts of sold power to the runners up to 2017. The specialist for PV inverter from Niestetal delivered after Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom among others battery inverter in large-scale projects. There, SMA has reached a market share of about 55 percent.

“Despite the strong price pressure, increases the number of worldwide battery inverters”, explains Cormac Gilligan, Research Manager for solar and energy storage at IHS Markit. “Parallel to the rapid growth of the energy storage markets expand their portfolios the leading manufacturer of battery inverters and geographically new markets to hedge their positions growing competition.”

For storage systems in households and small businesses, SMA has the Sunny boy storage And the Sunny Tripower storage battery inverter in the portfolio. Sunny Iceland battery inverter be used both grid and grid-based energy storage systems. With the Sunny Central storage SMA offers battery inverters for storage projects in the scale. The sunny central storage to integrate of State of the art large memory make an important contribution to the further expansion of renewable energies, because they provide system services to stabilize the power grids.