The solar modules from AXITEC have been top rated as one of the best brands in 2018 by the installers in Germany.
AXITEC is proud to have been selected as a top brand among the many solar module suppliers by the critical German installers. This proves the above-average quality at the best prices.
The award is based on a study by EuPD Research


The study is based on an empirical survey (primary research). The survey employs a quantitative telephone questionnaire (CATI) carried out by multilingual interviewers. The results of the study are analyzed anonymously in line with the requirements of modern market research. Also, secondary research will be involved in the analysis: Through desk research and the use of internally available data, the information provided by the installers is enriched with figures about market development.


PV end customers surveyed by EuPD Research often state, that the recommendation of the installer is the main reason to choose a certain brand. For manufacturers, it is therefore of high importance to be well positioned in terms of brand awareness among the installers.

Once having reached a wide distribution in the installers’ portfolios, it counts to assure one’s position by maintaining a high level of satisfaction. This is expressed, for example, by a high rate of recommendation, which again leads to a broader brand awareness.

Understanding the PV installers, their attitudes and needs, is of crucial importance for your successful PV business. Installers are directly connected to the customers and know the current market trends. The Global survey sheds light on aspects such as procurement, brand buying behaviour and satisfaction for wholesalers, modules and storage. Many evaluations are made on a brand level.


Here is the link to the overviews of EuPH-Research to rated solar module brands: LINK OVERVIEW