A smart city empowers its citizens with information and resources to transform and improve the community and its quality of life.

With experts in telecommunications and information technology, Architecture, Renewable Energy we manage comprehensive solution integration into existing or green-field environments. With deep technical expertise, as well as a clear understanding of schedule, resource allocation and team dynamics, we act as the glue, bringing all the players in your project together with entrepreneurship and technology breakthroughs. Scalability is also essential. Is a solution able to withstand unforeseen changes in technology?

In the Smart City space, a solution must be able to cater for excessive load. Can broadband solutions handle user spikes in peak times? Can customer service dashboards handle thousands of complaints at once? Will the sustainable energy be sufficient and eliminate cost to the end-user. The downfall of manual customer service systems such as hotlines is that they can be manned by only so many people at once. But through technology, digital applications, sustainable energy are infinitely scalable and have other advantages, such as the ability to instantly read trends. Our focus is on creating cutting-edge, integrated solutions for Smart City applications, service providers and the digitalisation of the transport, public safety and energy industries.

People are moving to cities and they expect safe, clean neighborhoods, access to reliable and affordable services like data and power, convenient mobility and a healthy economy. Global megatrends affecting our future include rapid urbanization, shifts in economic power, reimagining health, resource stewardship, increasing entrepreneurship and technology breakthroughs.

These vectors of change converge where people live – in cities and communities of every scale. How we navigate for the social, environmental and economic benefit of our communities is informed by data.