EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Lights

This is an innovative, modern and multifunctional lighting solution powered by renewable energy sources.
Made from high quality components, EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Lights will illuminate streets, parks, parking lots, corporate and university campuses as well as create appealing and modern usual environments that will not just promote renewable energy sources, but also lower installation, energy and maintenance cost and bills.

World-record solar technology with efficiency of up to 22% and 25 years warranty. We are using the most efficient solar cells currently on the market with the solar efficiency of up to 24%.

Latest Philips LED technology with more than 160 lm/W that we use on our units provide bright lighting by using minimal amount of energy.

High Quality, Maintenance Free batteries with optimized cycle stability, specially designed for solar application.


EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Light can be connected to WiFi internet connection that allow Remote Control and Management via our smart software from any computer and location.

Equipped with many optional features:

  • Smart Camera,
  • Sensors for collecting various outdoor data
  • Charging Station for mobile phones
  • Wi-Fi Connection,
  • Remote Management
  • Movement indicator

More than just a Street Light

Increase safety of the community by providing illuminated areas where citizens can get together and enjoy. EnGoPlanet Solar Street Light is a perfect solution to light up parks, pathways, trails and other areas where electricity access is not nearby. A sustainable solution powered only by renewable energy sources.

Decorative and modern design of our solar street light solutions will improve curb appeal of your communities and make them more attractive place for living.

Smart City Integration

Coupled with Optional features such as Camera, WiFi Hot Spot, Charging Station for mobile phones and Environmental Sensors EnGoPlanet Solar Street Light is an integral part of the Smart City concept.

Remote Management and Smart Cameras

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Lights can be equipped with WiFi internet connection that allows remote monitoring and management from any location via EnGoPlanet Software. Our advanced solution will monitor state of the battery, dim lights, send notifications in case of vandalism or faults in the system, and provide many other useful reports. Optionally, CCTV camera specially designed for our solar system will provide live video streaming from project’s location.