The boxes can be installed quickly, safely and easily both indoors and outdoors thanks to their compact dimensions, while their robust enclosure guarantees durability and reliable safety in the PV field. The SMA String-Combiners with 24 and 32 string inlets are fitted with two cable outlets per pole as standard and cover – just like the Combiner with 16 string inlets – a sealing range of 17 to 38.5 millimeters. Cables with cross-sections of 70 to 400 mm² can be inserted.


Reliability and precision in monitoring systems: the Sunny String-Monitor compares and analyzes individual string currents, which enables you to precisely and reliably monitor your solar energy yields. Thanks to the numerous system variants available, plant design becomes even more flexible. The Sunny String-Monitor can guarantee the highest level of plant safety and protection for modules by immediately disconnecting defect strings. Yet another benefit is the new combination arrester that provides excellent lightning and overvoltage protection. It is ideally suited for wall and base mounting thanks to the robust unisize enclosure. Likewise, it is able to withstand extreme ambient conditions due to the glass-fiber reinforced plastic.


The new SMA String-Monitor for system voltages of 1,000 V and 1,500 V enables both reliable protection of reverse currents and optimum monitoring of the connected PV generators. For precise performance and fault analysis, every string is measured individually and the data is sent in a matter of seconds. Not only does the innovative inline fuse technology with Sunclix quick connectors increase flexibility during system construction, it also simplifies and accelerates DC wiring on-site. The fuses have been relocated outwards to the string connections. Thanks to this, string fuses can be suitably positioned depending on the PV system layout, and the SMA String-Monitor cannot fail to impress with its extremely compact dimensions.