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SMA Medium Voltage Stations

The direct link into medium voltage – secure and simple. Qualified for deployment in PV applications.


SMA’s new MVS-STP is the link to the medium voltage grid for string inverters in decentralised PV power plants. Pre-installed in a 10 ft. container, it speeds up time-to-market, reduces project costs and increases return on investment for EPCs, system owners and investors.
Realizing a medium voltage solution for decentralised PV power plants has now become fast and easy. Before, it was expensive and time-consuming because the single components had to be bought and transported separately and assembled on-site.

System solution one-stop-shop

A SMA medium voltage solution with Sunny Tripower 60 inverters allows the simple realizing of decentralized PV power plants.

  • All components from one single source
  • Perfectly matched and pre-assembled parts
  • Limit on-site work
  • Minimum maintenance requirements

Tailored for optimum operation

The MVS-STP enables the fast and safe connection of string inverters to medium voltage grids and ensures optimum plant operation.

  • Low distribution panel for up to 30 string inverters
  • Medium voltage transformer
  • Medium voltage switchgear from Siemens
  • Inverter manager
  • Optimum transformer cooling concept


In the new SMA Utility Power System, the transformer optimized for outdoor deployment is the perfect partner for the new Sunny Central inverters. The busbar-connection between the inverter and transformer is included as standard. The MV transformer is modularly extensible with medium voltage switchgear, oil containment and tracker transformer. As a turnkey solution, the inverters and medium voltage block are tested and delivered as a single unit, resulting in reduced on-site expenses.


  • Global solution for international markets
  • Suitable for all medium voltage grids from 6.6 to 35 kV
  • Designed for modular extensibility
  • Numerous options


  • All components type-tested
  • 5 years warranty
  • Quality performance of 25 plus years


  • Optimized for operation with the new Sunny Central power classes
  • Outdoor transformer with effective, thermal design
  • Short power connection between inverter and transformer

Cost optimized

  • Eliminates the need for costly housing
  • Low Opex thanks to high efficiencies up to 99 %
  • Reduced shipping costs due to space-optimized design
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