Unique Advertisement

Illuminated display on both sides on the EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bench presents a great advertisement and branding opportunity. Different content such as brand awareness, city information, maps or directory can be easily and securely placed  on the unit.

EnGoPLANET Smart Solar Benches

New urban furniture that will help cities, universities, retail or business centres to create better and more safe and user-friendly environments. Powered by solar energy, Smart Bench will provide many cool features. Each Smart Solar Bench is equipped with LED lighting, charging station, and a WiFi connection. Each unit can be equipped with smart sensors that will collect and measure many valuable outdoor data such as air quality, temperature, humidity…

The Solar bench is a great addition to the urban furniture. It’s more than just any bench. It’s a smart design bench that allows everyone to charge their devices. Everyone can relax on this bench, enjoy the 4G Internet and at the same time charge their phone or tablet. Comfort and design meet sustainability: are you ready to change? EnGoPlanet Smart Bench provides free charging option with 4 USB ports and 2 Wireless charging pads that support all phones with that feature, including new iPhone 8 and X.

Perfect for Parks, Sidewalks, City Squares, Train Stations, Bus Stops, Amusement Parks, University Campuses, Business Parks and Shopping Malls