Our focus is on creating cutting-edge, integrated solutions for Smart City applications, service providers and the digitalisation of the transport, public safety and energy industries.

People are moving to cities and they expect safe, clean neighborhoods, access to reliable, affordable services, convenient mobility and a healthy economy. Global megatrends affecting our future include rapid urbanization, shifts in economic power, reimagining health, resource stewardship, increasing entrepreneurship and technology breakthroughs.

These vectors of change converge where people live – in cities and communities of every scale. How we navigate for the social, environmental and economic benefit of our communities is informed by data.


To become a best-in-class platform for sensing and data analytic technologies now and well into the future. The primary driver behind this effort is bringing genuine and sustained economic development to the City in addition to revealing substantially enhanced customer experiences as public and private entities navigate the transition from how public and infrastructure services have historically been delivered to how public services enabled and informed by underlying data intelligence will be delivered in the future.


Specifically, a smart city uses information and communication technologies to enhance the quality and performance of urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens. Each City has a unique signature and approach to ensuring the livability of their community while continuously striving to improve the economic prosperity of their citizens.


We are committed to establishing and maintaining an open access platform to serve as a prototyping proving ground, providing the immediate benefits of applied research to urban challenges as well as enabling innovators to develop and test their solutions in a real-world environment before scaling them for broader market adoption. The effort targets solutions that are replicable and scalable.